Oct 27 H2 — Liam Dwyer (USMC to Race Car Driver)

Liam Dwyer, former USMC SSgt, is an above the knee amputee (which is now his good leg) fm an IED blast in Afghanistan in 2011. He’s come home to become a winning race car driver for Mazda Racing — joins us to discuss his path fm Bethesda to Mazda/

Oct 26 H4 — Mike & Mike (How much is spent on Political Campaigns — The New National Platform )

The boys discuss the amount of money spend on the Presidential Campaign and the changes that will occur in the Nation after the night of “pitchforks and torches.”

Oct 25 H3 — MCGazette Hour — LtCol Olivier ( Commercial Planning)

Col Mike Olivier, USMCR (ret), Joins the program to discuss his article in November 2016 edition of the Gazette entitled: Stakeholders in Commercial Planning are Never Neglected –In Military Matters It’s a Different Matter