Major Richard “Stranger” Norton, USMC

00:00:  Early Bird Top Five Stories

18:00:  NY City Fleet week parachute incident… the Navy Seals fifth parachute incident in four years… led to the death of a SEAL.

34:00:  3d MAW released the results of the investigation into the incident that resulted in the death of Major Richard Norton, USMC, we’ll talk about it.

Wednesday, May 31 2017 — Hour 2: CPL JASON DUNHAM SIGN DEDICATION IN SCIO NY, Richard Caruso, former Cpl USMC

Richard Caruso

00:00:  Richard Caruso, former Cpl USMC, talks about the weekend in Scio, NY where he supervised the placing of a sign identifying the city of Scio as the home of Cpl Jason Dunham, USMC, Medal of Honor recipient for his actions against the enemy in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq.






The Cpl Jason Dunham sign
Richard Caruso & Friends
Scio, NY

Wednesday, May 31 2017 — Hour 1: THIS MONTH IN THE MARINE CORPS GAZETTE, Chris Woodbridge, Col USMC (ret)

Chris Woodbridge
Col, USMC (ret)
Marine Corps Gazette
Editor & Publisher

00:00:  News & Views.

00:15:  Chris Woodbridge, Col USMC (ret), editor & publisher of the Marine Corps Gazette & Leatherneck Magazine joins us to talk about the June issues of the magazines.

45:00:  Leadership at the point of confrontation… we talk about it.  

Tuesday, May 30 2017 — Hour 3: Mike & Mike [Will Costantini, Col USMC (ret) joins us]

Mike McNamara
Mike Musselman
Afghanistan 2010

00:00:  Gunner talks about his weekend.

00:06:  MRE talk and the incredible amount of ignorance we experience on Memorial Day




Will Costantini
Col USMC (ret)

17:00:  Will Costantini, Col USMC (ret), joins us and talks jobs, pity parties and  Memorial Day.



Tuesday, May 30 2017 — Hour 2: DHS Secretary John Kelly on “This Week” – & – U.S. Army Captain Luis Avila sings at the 2017 National Memorial Day Concert

John F. Kelly
Dept of Homeland Security

00:00 Minutes:  Thoughts on Memorial Day continued.

00:10 Minutes:   DHS Secretary John Kelly talks “leaks,” the Manchester bombing and preventing terrorism in the United States.






Captain Luis Avila
U.S. Army

00:25 Minutes:   DON’T MISS THIS… audio from the 2017 National Memorial Day Concert in Washington D.C.; done by PBS.  Check out U.S. Army Captain Avila singing… it’s the best!

Tuesday, May 30 2017 — Hour 1: News & Views – & – Secretary Mattis on “Face the Nation”

00:00 Minutes:  SHOW OPEN:  Thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day” and our long weekend.

00:35 Minutes:  Defense Secretary James Mattis gave a 30 minute interview to CBS’s Face the Nation.  You’ll hear his comments in their entirety.  He discusses ISIS and changes that have been made in that fight to increase initiative by commanders and also to “annihilate” ISIS; civilian casualties in Mosul, North Korea, NATO and what keeps him up at night.

TODAY’S SHOW: May 26, 2017

Kim Holmes
Official AMR Chef

HOUR 1:   Mac talks Memorial Day and Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and then we talk FAT MAN FOOD!  The ALL MARINE RADIO  Official Head Chef — Kim Holmes — joins us to talk a great easy meal to produce:  Baked potato… baked or grilled zucchini… and rib-eye steaks!  We’ll talk all the fixings for the potato and the steak… horseradish, horseradish sauce, sour cream, chives, bacon and Bearnaise sauce!

HOUR 3:  Mike & Mike… Gunner talks about how he often had good decisions go bad in Iraq and Afghanistan.  FUNNY.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ty Edwards
LtCol, USMC (ret)

HOUR 1 & 2:  Ty Edwards, LtCol USMC (ret), joins the program to discuss his career and recovery from a gunshot wound to the head in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan in 2008.

Hour 3:  Mike Musselman reads us an email sent to him accusing him of being a “stolen valor” guy and then talks ab

out how much calmer he is in life.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

HOUR 1:   Jeff Schogol, reporter for Marine Corps Times, discusses an article he wrote entitled “New concerns that lower fitness standards fuel disrespect for women

HOUR 2:   Richard Caruso, former Cpl USMC, joins us to talk about an event that will take place this coming Memorial Day to honor Medal of Honor recipient Cpl Jason Dunham,  USMC in his hometown of Scio, NY.

HOUR 3:  Tim Lynch, Maj USMC (ret), joins us to discuss the concept of terrorists being treated as “combatants” as opposed to “criminals” and the implications that has for civil rights.


Tom Draude
BGen USMC (ret)

Tom Draude, BGen USMC (ret), joins us to discuss the effect of President Trump’s visit to the Middle East on the Sunni – Shia dynamic in the region, a region that will continue to see upheaval as ISIL is defeated in the region and the fate of Syrian Leader Bashar al Assad is determined.