Jerry Durrant
Col, USMC (ret)

Jerry Durrant, Col USMC (ret) joined us to talk about his time as a LCpl in Vietnam in 1970 as well as his thoughts on Iraq today.

He is currently part of a private company that does military education for the Iraqi military.  He has interesting things to say about where Iraq is and what is next for the war-torn nation.

He raises concerns about Sunni’s being eliminated from the Iraqi military, the upcoming Kurdish referendum and genuine surprise at the visit Muqtada al Sadr made to Saudi Arabia recently.

Durrant is a great representative of the Marine Corps and a thoughtful guest.



We’ll talk about today’s headlines:

– Houston

– Ecstasy as a treatment for PTS

– Where are most of the opium prescriptions being written in the nation?

– A US Army trial, in Federal Court, discloses an incredible tale of sell US military equipment to deals for cash and then that equipment finding it’s way to Mexico, Ukraine, Russia and other nations.

KEEP YOUR HONOR CLEAN — GENDER — AVIATION UPDATE : General Robert Neller, Commandant of the Marine Corps (Part 2 of 2)

General Robert B. Neller
United States Marine Corps

The Commandant of the Marine Corps joined ALL MARINE RADIO to talk leadership and current events.

ABOUT KEEP YOUR HONOR CLEAN:  The Commandant isn’t sure if Marines are “buying it” when it comes to “keeping your honor clean.”  Attempts to influence character are ongoing in the Marine Corps, it’s unfinished work and Marines are trying hard but the jury is still out.  “I don’t know if you can get it until you experience it.  In the aggregate we have really good people, we just have to do a better job explaining this.”

ABOUT GENDERDoes the Marine Corps still want women who don’t want to be grunts (Capt Lauren Serrano’s question)?  The Commandant is conscious that the burden of child birth and being a mother is a heavy burden, “Of course we want her in the Marine Corps.”  “At the end of the day you have to be ready to deploy, it’s a hard life.”  “I think we’re trying to find that space, but we have to find that balance between our warfighting requirement and our retention.”

ABOUT AVIATION:  We need to fly more.  Every month our flight hours go up.  It took us years to get into this situation and it’ll take us years to get out.  Why CMC decided to have Marine Corps aviation units “take a knee” after the the 31st MEU MV-22 incident.

PART 2 of a GREAT interview.

SOCIAL MEDIA & MARINES UNITED — WHAT HE FOCUSES ON — HELO DUNKERS & SWIMMING : General Robert Neller, Commandant of the Marine Corps (Part 1 of 2)

General R.B. Neller, USMC Commandant of the Marine Corps
General R.B. Neller
37th Commandant
U.S. Marine Corps

The Commandant of the Marine Corps joined ALL MARINE RADIO to talk leadership and current events.

SOCIAL MEDIA:  Marine leaders need to become familiar with social media so they can understand the world their Marines live in and so they can use it as another tool to lead.  He also discusses how “Marines United” has impacted his job.

THE PRESIDENT OF SOUTH KOREA’S VISIT TO THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE MARINE CORPS:  President Moon of South Korea landed at Andrews AFB and went directly to the NMMC to pay his respects to the Marine Corps who rescued his family during the fight at the Chosin Reservoir.

HELO DUNKER TRAINING:  The Commandant believes that we can and should raise the bar relative to swimming in the Marine Corps in general, and also believes we might be able to do better relative to frequent-flyers and helo dunker training.

PART 1 of a GREAT interview.