Thoughts on PBS’s Vietnam War Series & a Rand Study on Transgender Military Service Issues

For me, one of the most distressing things about watching the 10 part PBS series is that the nation repeated the mistakes of Vietnam in Iraq and later (although not initially) in Afghanistan.

We’ll also discuss a 2016 Rand Corporation study on Transgender Military service.

The NFL pickle, USMC Infantry Officer standards & General Dunford and transgender service

John Ubaldi
MGySgt USMC (ret)
Founder, The Ubaldi Reports

John Ubaldi of The Ubaldi Reports, joined us to for (1) an update on how post-hurricane south Florida is doing, (2) his thoughts on how the NFL gets out of the national anthem pickle they find themselves in, (3) does the first female USMC Infantry Officer validate the approach and the standards of the leadership of the Marine Corps relative to the issue of women in the infantry and (4) the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told the Senate Armed Service Committee that he believes that transgender individuals that pass the physical & mental requirements ought to be able to serve, we’ll talk about it.

The toughest person I know is my older sister Peggy

Mac, sons & nephews
Patrick, Tyler, Mac, Torii, John

In September of 1996 two of my nephews, the only sons of my older sister Peggy (Torii and Tyler), were murdered when their father shot and killed them both after learning my sister was leaving him, the husband then killed himself.

Of all the things that I have seen in my three combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, the murder of Torii and Tyler is by far the worst.  Nobody I know, who deals with post-traumatic stress, deals with the horror that my sister has dealt with for twenty-one years.

All these years later, I still speak about domestic violence whenever I’m asked because I feel the need to honor the memory of Torii and Tyler and the courage of my sister.  The message:  don’t be afraid to ask someone if they need help, don’t be afraid to broach the subject, don’t shy away from it; as easily as you’d pick up someone’s car keys from a bar, talk to them about domestic violence and getting help.

We’ll talk about it.

With three combat deployment to Vietnam, Tom Draude watches with interest

Capt Tom Draude, USMC
Republic of Vietnam, 1970
Advisor to Vietnamese Marines
With 1stLt Tri (who had graduated from the The Basic School, Quantico VA)

Tom Draude, BGen USMC (ret) has watched each episode of the Ken Burns series “The Vietnam War” that is airing on PBS he joined us to share his thoughts on the series.  Like many, he has watched with interest the interviews with North Vietnamese Army soldiers and Viet Cong fighters; he’s also been keenly interested in how the experience of those who lost family members has been conveyed to the audience.

Draude also talks candidly about post-Vietnam Marine Corps life and how many officers put the experience away and didn’t speak of it, even with subordinates, which in retrospect was a mistakes.


Chief of Staff Kelly on the NFL & Other News Headlines

John F. Kelly
Chief of Staff
The White House

“I believe every American, when the national anthem is played, should cover their hearts and think about all the men and women who have been maimed and killed,” Kelly said. “Every American should stand up and think for three lousy minutes.”

Do individuals have a right to protest during the national anthem?  Certainly.  BUT, given your unique opportunity as an NFL player, if your protest isn’t linked to leadership action designed to remedy this problem you feel so strongly about — I think it you are a CLOWN.

We’ll talk about it.

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