BLT 1/8 in Beirut: BGen Ron Baczkowski, USMC (ret) — Part 2

Ron Baczkowski
BGen, USMC (ret)

Ron Baczkowski was a 1stLt assigned to Battalion Landing Team 1/8 when they went ashore in Lebanon in 1983.  He joined us to talk about the events surrounding the destruction of the BLT Headquarters Building on October 23, 1983.

We’ll talk about events just before and the day of the bombing in Part 2 of this interview.

Working with TEAM RUBICON in Houston: Staci Reidinger, Major USMC (ret)

Staci Reidinger
Major, USMC (ret)

Staci Reidinger recently deployed to the Houston area as a part TEAM RUBICON, an organization the supports global disaster relief, we’ll talk to her about her experience.

We also talk to the prior enlisted Marine about hazing and get her thoughts on how the Marine Corps can reduce the number of hazing incidents with its ranks.

34 years after the Bombing in Beirut, LCpl Matt Gospodinovich recounts that day

LCpl Matthew “Gospo” Gospodinovich
Charlie Battery, 1/10
Beirut, Lebanon 1983
October 23, 1983
Beirut Memorial
Camp Lejeune, NC
Beirut Memorial
Camp Lejeune, NC

Matt “Gospo” Gospdinovich was an artillery Marine with “Charlie” Battery, 1st Battalion, 10th Marines and was part of a Quick-Reaction-Force that responded to the Marine Barracks at the Beirut International Airport on October 23, 1983.

Gospo talks about about the 24th MAU’s (Marine Amphibious Unit) deployment to Beirut that started in May of 1983 when they arrived at the Beirut International Airport.  He walks us through patrolling outside the airport, watching the USS New Jersey fire and the events of that day.

Matt also talks about “living with” the events of that day, the fact that there was no mental health treatment during that period of our history, his panic attacks and how he’s dealt with it through the VA and how social media played a part in his healing all these years later.