Marinara sauce, chicken fried stead & this week’s Pastrami Swami sports picks!

Kim Holmes
AMR Head Chef
Sports Betting “Expert”

The ALL MARINE RADIO Head Chef joins us to give advice on how to make better marinara sauce and chicken fried steak!

We’ll also do some sports predicting with the”Swami,” who was 8 out of 11 last week!

White nationalists being promoted in the USMC, rats in the 29 Palms Commissary & hazing is a symptom of absent SNCO & NCO leadership

We’ll talk the news of the day and there is a bunch of it today!

  • Americans turned away at a Special Forces firm base in Syria
  • A Marine “white nationalist” sergeant who plead guilty to trespassing when he and another Marine unfurled a white nationalist banner from a building in August is due to be promoted.  How?
  • Rats have closed the 29 Palms Commissary!!!!!
  • HAZING:  “…is a symptom is a greater problem in an organization, lack of leadership at the SSgt & Sgt level…”

Age and medical limits for Congress and a leadership crisis at the United States Military Academy

Sen. Dianne Feinstein

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif is 84 years of age, she recently announced that she will run for reelection.  How old is too old to serve?

Should Congressmen be able to serve with conditions like Alzheimer disease?

The United States Military Academy at West Point has a crisis on its hand that has been on display recently, pictures of a 2LT wearing garb and showing signs about supporting  communism.

An incredible letter was written recently by a retired U.S Army Lieutenant Colonel, former West Point Cadet and current West Point Faculty member Robert M. Heffington that excoriates the leadership of the United States Military Academy.

Wes O’Donnell: The Real Reason the US Navy Keeps Hitting Merchant Vessels

One of the best interviews I’ve read as I’ve kept track of the U.S. Navy’s collision issues appeared recently on the and was entitled “The Real Reason the US Navy Keeps Hitting Merchant Vessels” — Wes O’Donnell conducted the interview joined us to discuss it.


John Ubaldi
MGySgt USMC (ret)
Founder, The Ubaldi Reports

How does the Marine Corps deal with “hazing”?  We’ll begin a long series of conversations about the subject with most enlisted Marines.

John Ubaldi was an 0311 and 0369 (infantryman and Infantry Plt Sgt) we’ll here his thoughts on these questions:

(1)  What is hazing in the Marine Corps?

(2)  Why do Marine haze?

(3)  Who hazes?

(4)  Who is the key to minimizing (knowing it won’t be eliminated) the amount of hazing that Marines experience?