1st Marine Division will mark 77 years of service with the rededication of the Division Colors: Cpl Jerry Johs, USMC (ret)

Cpl Jerry Johs, USMC (ret)
President, 1st Marine Division Association

At 0900 Pacific Standard Time on Friday the 2nd of February 2018 at Camp Pendleton the storied 1st Marine Division will commemorate 77 years of service the the Nation and Corps as the Battle Colors of the Division are rededicated.  The 1st Marine Division Association will be center stage during a week of events that culminate in the rededication and a banquet on Friday.

The President of the 1st Marine Division Association, Cpl Jerry Johs, USMC (ret) joined us to discuss his career in the Marine Corps, his time in Vietnam,  the Association and the events of this week.

Are the House Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee raising legitimate oversight concerns or is this just more political BS?

Rep Trey Gowdy III

I’ve become a fan of the candor of Rep Trey Gowdy, R-SC as the House Intelligence Committee, so the release of  a “Memo” which outlines DOJ & FBI abuses of surveillance powers is a BIG deal to me.  Will this be just another bit of partisan nonsense and further erode my confidence in our government, or will it truly be a step towards the truth.  I’m anxious to know.

We’ll also look at news from around the DOD.