School Board elected officials across the nation have only three choices in the wake of the nation’s latest school shooting because DOING NOTHING IS NOT AN OPTION:

(1)  ADDITIONAL POLICE: hire additional police officers so that there is an armed presence at every school in their district

(2)  VOLUNTEERS: create a plan to hire and arm retired law enforcement & military members after they are trained and certified (to include physical & mental health tests) — who will VOLUNTEER their services to their community

(3)  DEMAND ADDITIONAL RESOURCES:  some districts are able to hire immediately based on their tax base, some will not.  Regardless, each district must hire where they can, fill in with volunteers where they must and then DEMAND additional resources from their State and Federal Governments

The next school board that fails to prevent this kind of carnage in a school will have to live the rest of their lives with the unforgiving burden of knowing that they failed to live up to the oath they took after their election.  Failure to take prudent action carries a guilt for which there is no forgiveness.

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