The President is pushing for a confrontation on the US-Mexican Border through Executive action and he’s correct to do so.  He’s also not backing down from a trade confrontation with China, which is necessary because China needs to confronted both economically and militarily.  His statement that “we aren’t in a trade war with China.  We already lost the trade war!” is both blunt and true.

Finally, gender is a big issue in the Marine Corps but I’m not sure that we’re willing to engage in honest discussion about the physical differences between men and women.  Could one ever state in an open forum that women are generally slower and weaker than male counterparts even though we all know that to be true?  Can we honestly discuss the conclusion of the Ground Combat Integration Study I’m not sure one could.  The Marine Corps is somewhere between 90-94% male and 60% of those males are under the age of 25… all of which mean that

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