In the last week there has been much commentary regarding the number of recent military aviation crashes.  While each incident is tragic in its own right, these crashes are by no means a “crisis” for the US Military.  Each incident will be investigated, the exact cause revealed and a remedy publicized.  Each incident was a different platform, an Air Force F-16 fighter, a Marine AV-8B Harrier, an Army Apache helicopter and a Marine CH-53E heavy lift helicopter.  So what DO all of these aviation mishaps have in common?

These crashes are the price that the US Military pays because a dysfunctional US Congress relied on “Sequestration” and “Continuing Resolutions” to fund the US Federal Budget for almost a decade.  As a result of that dysfunction there were too few aircraft in flying condition, too few flying hours for pilots and too few spare parts to do maintenance; those collective factors have shattered aviation readiness and the US Military is currently paying the price to repair that damage and restore aviation readiness.

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