This the “Pineapple” Rank Insignia that The Gunner, and all USMC “Gunners” wore/wear while on Active Duty.  It is known as “the bursting bomb” if you’re if the mood to be respectful… or “that pineapple thing” if you’re looking for an argument.

The USMC “Gunner” Program is unique and they hold unique jobs within infantry units… they are NOT “Chief Warrant Officers” in spite of being paid as such… They are GUNNERS.  The Marine Corps DOES have Warrant Officers and Chief Warrant Officers… they wear warrant officer rank insignia on both collars and DO NOT WEAR THE PINEAPPLE… and as such… are NOT Gunners.

Marine Gunners wear the bursting bomb with pride as it identifies their unique skill set, special selection process and unique place in the rank structure of the Marine Corps.

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