OBSERVATION:  Watching American politics has become disgusting for many Americans, but it is particularly disgusting for those who have worn the nation’s military uniforms and seen the blood sacrifice that gets made on behalf of the United States of America.

OBSERVATION.  Layer on top of the inability to pass an annual budget, the garbage we see coming out of the FBI and Department of Justice as civil servants place their hands on the scales of justice and mindful of a media that prizes views, clicks and profits before either intellectual consistency or the truth and you’ll find more than enough reasons to be pessimistic about the future of the United States of America.

CONCLUSION:  America’s veterans need to promote service to the nation in the form of holding elected political office. Party platform is irrelevant as our nation is in desperate need of leaders who will put the good of the nation before all else, be unafraid to compromise and be willing to seek truth wherever it leads. Without more veterans becoming involved in domestic politics and becoming leaders in our domestic political world, I fear for the future of the nation.  AND, as much as it makes me ill to write this, it is the truth.