Grant Newsham
Japan Forum for Strategic Studies
Senior Researcher
Col USMC (ret)

Would China actually allow the Korean Peninsula to fall into western hands if North Korea struck first or would they intervene?

Could Chine effect a regime change in North Korea if it so chose?

Will India go to war over the territorial disagreement that has Chinese and Indian troops facing each other?

Grant Newsham, Col USMC (ret) joins us to talk about it.

BOB NILSSON: Asia, Leadership and Careers at Turner Constructions

Bob Nilsson
Founder, 100 Entrepreneurs Project

The Founder of the 100 Entrepreneurs Project joins us to talk about his experiences in Asia, his opinion about what passes as “leadership” in the Nation’s Capital and careers at Turner Construction.

Bob Nilsson has been giving back to Marines and veterans since he got out of the Marine Corps in the late 60’s. ┬áHis career in construction has afforded him a way to influence hiring and promote entrepreneurship which he has done in an incredible way at both Walter Reed and Bethesda.

ALWAYS worth a listen