Don’t pin your hopes on the new Chinese sanctions on North Korea: Grant Newsham

Kim Jong Un
Xi Jinping
President, PRC

Grand Newsham, our resident Pacific Rim specialist, joined us to talk about whether we should take China’s “new sanctions” seriously or whether it is the age old trick of the Chinese — big announcement and then nothing delivered?

We’ll also discuss the likelihood that Japan and/or South Korea will acquire a “first strike” capability as well as “mutually assured destruction” capabilities in order to balance the regional scale.

You can find Grant Newshams columns here, in Asia Times Online.

OUR OPTIONS IN NORTH KOREA: John Allen, General USMC (ret)

John R. Allen
General USMC (Ret)
Brookings Institute
John R. Allen
General USMC (ret)

John Allen, General USMC (ret), is a Distinguished Fellow in Residence – Foreign Policy, Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence at the Brookings Institute.  He joined us today to talk about the appointment of one of his best friends, John Kelly, to the White House Chief of Staff position; we’ll also discuss the current situation with North Korea and the role China COULD play if it so desired.

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Grant Newsham
Japan Forum for Strategic Studies
Senior Researcher
Col USMC (ret)

Would China actually allow the Korean Peninsula to fall into western hands if North Korea struck first or would they intervene?

Could Chine effect a regime change in North Korea if it so chose?

Will India go to war over the territorial disagreement that has Chinese and Indian troops facing each other?

Grant Newsham, Col USMC (ret) joins us to talk about it.