TRANSGENDER POLICY PREDICTION: It’s all about the recently unveiled “worldwide deployable” policy

Secretary of Defense James Mattis

SECDEF MATTIS:  “You’re either deployable, or you need to find something else to do. I’m not going have some people deploying constantly and then other people, who seem to not pay that price, in the U.S. military,” Mattis to reporters on February 17, 2018.

SECDEF MATTIS:  “If you can’t go overseas [and] carry a combat load, then obviously someone else has got to go. I want this spread fairly and expertly across the force.”

SECDEF MATTIS:  “They need time at home, they need time with their families. We may enlist soldiers, but we re-enlist families. That’s the way it is. If you can’t keep the family together, then you’re either going to lose the family or you’re going to lose the soldier, and that’s a net loss for our society and for our military.”

SECDEF MATTIS:  according to Marine Corps Times “Mattis stressed that those who were injured in the field would be exempt from the new policy, saying “we’ll find a place to use them. That’s a special category. They’ve earned that special status.”

Based on those comments, I believe that the SECDEF will recommend to the President:

1.   That citizens who are physically and mentally qualified for military service, who identify themselves as “transgender” because of “gender diaspora¹” and who do not intend to seek a surgical remedy to their diaspora be allowed to enlist and serve as long as they remain worldwide deployable.

2.   That citizens who are physically and mentally qualified for military service, who identify themselves as “transgender” because of “gender diaspora¹” and  and who intend to seek a surgical remedy to their diaspora while on active duty or in the reserves NOT be allowed to enlist and serve because such a decision will render them non-worldwide deployable for extended periods of time which in turn makes them incompatible with military service.

Write it down.

¹ Gender dysphoria (GD), or gender identity disorder (GID), is the distress a person experiences as a result of the sex and gender they were assigned at birth.

Senator Graham using ALL MARINE RADIO material! — IOC changes or lowers standards? And other DOD Headlines

Marine Corps Times image

Senator Lindsey Graham, R-SC must have been listening to AMR because he lifted Mac’s words from the program!  When Secretary Mattis talks about the “Budget Control Act” and “Sequestion” doing more damage to the US Military than any foreign enemy, he wasn’t talking about legislation or budget processes — he was talking about the United States Senators and the United States Representatives serving in the House of Representatives.  Senator Graham quite rightly translated it for the views of Fox News.  Thanks for listening Senator.

The Marine Corps very own Infantry Officer Course modified it famous standards, standards cited as being prejudicial to female Marine Officers — specifically, it removed the “Pass/Fail” requirement of the Combat Endurance Test.  QUESTION:  in spite of all protests to the contrary, is this the lowering of the bar in order to allow more females to enter the infantry MOS?  We’ll talk about it.