Bob Nilsson
100 Entrepreneurs Founder

Bob Nilsson joined the program to discuss the problems the Boston Marathon has with including larger numbers of disabled people in a marathon run on Patriots Day of all days. Read an article about it here.

We also discuss OPERATION LEAD AT TURNER — leaders into career in the field of construction with a GREAT company.

LESSONS IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Seth Jordan & Dog Tag Brewing Foundation

Seth Jordan
Captain USMC
Dog Tag Brewery Foundation

Seth Jordan, former Captain in the Marine Corps and currently the Founder & Chairman of the Dog Tag Brewing Foundation joined ALL MARINE RADIO to talk about his career in the Marine Corps, his path to creating his foundation and why veteran entrepreneurship is important to the nation.

Seth’s foundation is a partnership with the Pabst Brewing Company and supports memorial events and foundations that Gold Star families have set up  to remember their fallen family members. A great story.