Gunner talks local politics and Guntalk: Mike & Mac

Iraqi Mortarman

Are the issues involved in local politics different from the issues we talk about in national issues?  Gunner is involved in a local election and we’ll talk about that.

GunTalk also breaks out!  We talk the Springfield 1903, throwing mortar rounds in World War II and having them explode!  And, mortar rounds exploding in tubes as seen in videos shot by bad guys as they shot them in Iraq.

Gunner’s new full-color vision update! He also explains “Bump Stocks” and “Silencers” explained

Bump Stock
Hunting Rifle Suppressor

The Gunner continues discovering what we all (non-colorblind folks) take for granted — COLOR in our daily lives.

GUN TALK:  Mike explains the mechanics of a “bump stock” for a second time — as listeners are confused on how it exactly works;  his second explanation deals with how much noise from a gunshot is dissipated by a “suppressor.”

ENCHROMA Glasses update, how to melt a rifle barrel and BACON

The Gunner
Enchroma Glasses for the Colorblind

The Gunner life changed in a HUGE way yesterday when his wife & daughter presented him with a pair of Enchroma Glasses that allow the colorblind to see in “full color,” we’ll also get an update on Mike’s new world.

QUESTION:  How many rounds does it take to make a rifle barrel melt?  The Gunner will tell you what he thinks.

BACON!  Mike loves it, we get his thoughts on selection and preparation of “everyday bacon” that is prepared and left in the frig.