The “Goon Platoon” reaches out —- DOD Headlines —- ROK Marine Discipline & Racism in 1985

3rd Platoon, C/1/5
“The Goon Platoon”
MCB Twentynine Palms

Through the miracle of modern technology the Marines from the first platoon I ever commanded and I reconnected yesterday, The GOONS from 3rd Platoon, Charlie Company, 1st Battalion of the 5th Marine Regiment are alive and well.  They were a tough group of Marines, diverse as most units are, a great platoon in the field and funny as hell.

Our Company song is below, written by Cpl Andre Dennis and LCpl Richard Canada (a.ka. “The Maneuvering Element”) they used to sing it as loud as I ever heard Marines sing… it used to get people out of their offices & barracks in Okinawa when we’d hump back in from the Central Training Area… the Goons were great tough Marines… I’ll be satisfied when I die, that I was a Marine of Charlie 1/5.

“Marching Men”
Charlie 1/5’s Company Song

Col Wesley Fox, USMC in his own words —— MUST LISTEN!

Col Wesley Lee Fox
1931 – 2017

The Marine Corps lost a legend last week when Col Fox passed away.  He was interviewed for almost an hour by the “Veterans History Project” of the Library of Congress, you can watch the entire video here.  It’s an awesome interview that show the many sides of a great Marine leader.