MARINE CORPS GAZETTE HOUR: Major John Kivelin — “Light Infantry Problems and Bicycle Born Solutions”

John Kivelin
Major, USMC

Major John Kivelin, USMC, joins the program to discuss future battlefields where 7-ton trucks aren’t available due to the abundance of fiber optic weapons in the hands of our enemies.  SOLUTION:  bicycle born infantry that retains mobility to strike at points the enemy believes are not accessible.

We take a look at the future and innovation that enables maneuver.  INTERESTING STUFF.


Mike McNamara
Mike Musselman
Afghanistan 2010
George Goodson
LtCol, USMC (ret)

The boys discuss eating better as you age, but still enjoying good food… no easy task, but certainly doable.

“Burial at Sea” written by LtCol George Goodson, USMC (ret) is also discussed.  The article details his experience as a Casualty Notification Officer during Vietnam… which included a burial at sea.

MARINE CORPS GAZETTE HOUR: Capt Eric Hovey — “Dance With the One That Brought You — An innovative culture will save USMC unmanned aviation before buying Air Force technology will”

Captain Eric Hovey

Captain Eric Hovey advocates for a smarter use of the RQ-21, a Marine Corps Program of Record and a better understanding of procurement system for all leaders in the Marine Corps.