Getting combat advising right in the long-term: Gil Barndollar & Sam Long

Gil Barndollar
Capt, USMC
Sam Long
Capt, USMC

Gil Barndollar & Sam Long were advisors in Afghanistan.  They wrote a Marine Corps Gazette article entitled “Putting the First Team on the Field: Irregular warfare and Marine Combat Advisors” — we’ll talk about the article with both authors.

“21st Century Logistics” is the theme in this month’s Marine Corps Gazette

The Editor & Publisher of the Marine Corps Gazette is Chris Woodbridge, Col USMC (ret).  Woody joined the program to talk about the October 2017 edition of the Gazette and it’s Combat Service Support theme.

As usual, we’ll also talk current events with Woody who is a candid guest.  Great stuff.


Investing in Marines — Getting the best return: Carl Forsling

Carl Forsling
Maj USMC (ret)

Carl Forsling is a retire Marine Osprey pilot , businessman and a writer for the website Task & Purpose.  He joined the program to talk about his article that won the Marine Corp Gazette’s 2016 Kiser Family Irregular Warfare Essay Contest with his entry entitled:  Investing in Marines: Getting the Best Return.

Carl also discusses how a MV-22 Osprey executes a controlled water landing.


William “Mark” Faulkner
LtGen, USMC (ret)
Marine Corps Association & Foundation
President & CEO

Wed, Jun 14 2017, Hour 1

The President & CEO of the Marine Corps Association & Foundation joined us to discuss the broad work that both do.  From supporting battlefield studies to supplying deploying units with Kindle reading tablets to supporting the Commandants Reading Lists, the Association & Foundation are out there doing it each day as they have done for over 100 years.

Mark discusses the challenges of remaining a strong presence

Founded by General John A. Lejeune in 1913 the Association is the premier support organization for the Marine Corps.  If you’re not a member, you can join by clicking here.


Wednesday, May 31 2017 — Hour 1: THIS MONTH IN THE MARINE CORPS GAZETTE, Chris Woodbridge, Col USMC (ret)

Chris Woodbridge
Col, USMC (ret)
Marine Corps Gazette
Editor & Publisher

00:00:  News & Views.

00:15:  Chris Woodbridge, Col USMC (ret), editor & publisher of the Marine Corps Gazette & Leatherneck Magazine joins us to talk about the June issues of the magazines.

45:00:  Leadership at the point of confrontation… we talk about it.  


Chris Woodbridge
Col, USMC (ret)
Marine Corps Gazette
Editor & Publisher

The Editor & Publisher of the Marine Corps Gazette joins us to discuss the May edition which is devoted to “Marine Corps Aviation.”  Chris shares with us some of the articles featured in this month’s print & online editions.

Check the issue out here.