Trying to understand the Bergdahl verdict: LtCol Beth Harvey, USMC (ret)

Beth Harvey, LtCol USMC (ret)
Staff Judge Advocate

After the Bowe Bergdahl verdict lost of us scratched our heads, not understanding the rationale behind it.  Beth Harvey is a former USMC SJA prosecutor, defender, appellete attorney and judge — she’ll help us try to understand what is escapes most of us.

We’ll also discuss circumstances surrounding the discharge of Airman Devin Kelley who went on a killing rampage in Texas on Sunday.

34 years after the Bombing in Beirut, LCpl Matt Gospodinovich recounts that day

LCpl Matthew “Gospo” Gospodinovich
Charlie Battery, 1/10
Beirut, Lebanon 1983
October 23, 1983
Beirut Memorial
Camp Lejeune, NC
Beirut Memorial
Camp Lejeune, NC

Matt “Gospo” Gospdinovich was an artillery Marine with “Charlie” Battery, 1st Battalion, 10th Marines and was part of a Quick-Reaction-Force that responded to the Marine Barracks at the Beirut International Airport on October 23, 1983.

Gospo talks about about the 24th MAU’s (Marine Amphibious Unit) deployment to Beirut that started in May of 1983 when they arrived at the Beirut International Airport.  He walks us through patrolling outside the airport, watching the USS New Jersey fire and the events of that day.

Matt also talks about “living with” the events of that day, the fact that there was no mental health treatment during that period of our history, his panic attacks and how he’s dealt with it through the VA and how social media played a part in his healing all these years later.

Classes – Lectures – Warning – HAZING – Court Martials: How do we stop the cycle of hazing?

Phil Smith
Col USMC (ret)

Phil Smith is a retired Marine Colonel.  He enlisted in the Marine Corps and became an infantryman and then a reconnaissance Marine.  We’ll talk to him about stopping the cycle of hazing that the Marine Corps goes through repeatedly:  Class, Lecture, Warning, HAZING EVENT, investigation, court-martial.

Getting combat advising right in the long-term: Gil Barndollar & Sam Long

Gil Barndollar
Capt, USMC
Sam Long
Capt, USMC

Gil Barndollar & Sam Long were advisors in Afghanistan.  They wrote a Marine Corps Gazette article entitled “Putting the First Team on the Field: Irregular warfare and Marine Combat Advisors” — we’ll talk about the article with both authors.

“21st Century Logistics” is the theme in this month’s Marine Corps Gazette

The Editor & Publisher of the Marine Corps Gazette is Chris Woodbridge, Col USMC (ret).  Woody joined the program to talk about the October 2017 edition of the Gazette and it’s Combat Service Support theme.

As usual, we’ll also talk current events with Woody who is a candid guest.  Great stuff.


Why I don’t watch the NFL — #NFLBOYCOTT

I think these pictures… that I have collected over the years… say more than I ever can about why I’m offended by the National Football League.

And…  “yes” I do understand… it is their right… I understand that because we fought for it.

Over a body bag of a Marine KIA in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan


Over caskets as our Brave begin their journey home
Inside our C-130, never alone, with honors…
We say goodbye inside the C-130…
Goodbye… unlike what you know.  And then back to the fight.
Goodbye… unlike what you can imagine.  And then back to the fight.
A years worth of our heroic Marines, Sailors and Soldiers Killed In Action, for one single USMC Infantry Regiment… approximately 5,000 of us.
Going Home…
A last night together…
A final touch… carrying a child he’ll never meet or help raise…
We hail from every corner of the Nation…
Every race, creed and color… we are all Marines
Devoted to each other… and our mission…
Even in death…
Our pride, discipline and devotion are designed to remind everyone…
…we are MARINES.  Our Flag symbolizes who we are.
Preparing the Flag that will be presented…
This Flag, handled with meticulous care…
Their sacrifice and pain are so enormous… heartbreaking to watch.
“On behalf of the President of the United States, the Commandant of the Marine Corps…
and a grateful Nation. Please accept this Flag as a symbol of appreciation…
…for your loved one’s honorable and faithful service.”   Semper Fidelis.