Elizabeth Smart speaks to victims of “trauma” & are “Fake News” Awards a good idea: Mike & Mike

Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped at the age of 14 and held for nine months by her captors.  During that time she was raped almost on a nightly basis yet she has been able to turn that pain & trauma into a positive, happy & productive life.  How?


Mac & Mac: Leadership and George W. Bush’s Interviews with Matt Laeur and Sean Hannity


1stLt USMC, 1987
USS Ranger CV-61

Mac discusses the “Vito Corleone” School of Leadership

Mac analyzes two audio cuts from former President George W. Bush TV appearances on February 27, 2017; one from the Today Show on NBC and another from Fox’s Sean Hannity… a great illustration of how hosts parse questions seeking to make very specific news headlines.


OSCAR SNAFU — WTF HAPPENED: Our Pop-Culture Correspondent Katherine McNamara Explains What Happened

Katherine McNamara
Pop-Culture Correspondent

The “Best Picture” Oscar presentation turned into an incredible disaster for the Oscars and Price Waterhouse last night as the award was given to the wrong film (La La Land) and then presented to the correct film (Moonlight).  Our Pop-Culture Correspondent, Katherine McNamara, explains what the heck happened and why.

Justin Constantine

Justin Constantine
LtCol USMC (ret)

Is everybody lying?  Politicians “stretch the truth,” or they “mix in half truths…” or they lie.  The media “misrepresents the truth,” or takes comments “out of context…” or do they lie?

OR… does everybody just tell a version of the truth that suits their outlook and business model?  We’ll talk about it.