BLT 1/8 in Beirut: BGen Ron Baczkowski, USMC (ret) — Part 2

Ron Baczkowski
BGen, USMC (ret)

Ron Baczkowski was a 1stLt assigned to Battalion Landing Team 1/8 when they went ashore in Lebanon in 1983.  He joined us to talk about the events surrounding the destruction of the BLT Headquarters Building on October 23, 1983.

We’ll talk about events just before and the day of the bombing in Part 2 of this interview.


Alex Hollings
Former Sgt, USMC
SOFREP Contributing Editor

Alex Hollings, former Sgt USMC was supposed to join us and talk about the gathering of clowns in Charlottesville VA over the weekend, but instead we discussed mental health and the absolute necessity for Marines and all veterans to stay plugged into their battle buddies.

GREAT STUFF from an candid writer who isn’t afraid of the truth.


Mike McDowell
Executive Director
The Soldiers Project

Mike McDowell, LtCol USMC (ret), is the Executive Director The Soldiers Project whose mission is:

“We provide free, confidential and unlimited mental health services to any active duty service member or veteran who has served since September 11, 2001.
We provide services to families and loved ones too – wives, husbands, partners, parents and children.
We don’t turn anyone away based on discharge status, branch of service, or whether they saw combat.
If you served, you get seen.” 

It’s ground breaking stuff and sorely needed… we’ll find out what’s going on at The Soldiers Project.