Dusty Baxley
Executive Director
Boulder Crest Retreat
US Army (ret)

Dusty Baxley is the Executive Director of Boulder Crest Retreat, a former Army Ranger and an certified Transcendental Meditation teacher; he joined us today to discuss the concept of “POST-TRAUMATIC GROWTH.”

We talk:

(1)  The one week resident program

(2) The 18 month team program

(3) The low percentage of PTSD in veterans who were imprisoned at the Hanoi Hilton during the Vietnam War, how could that be given the severity of their treatment and experience.

(4)  We talk about the origin of the term “Post-Traumatic Grow” — a term born out of the growth observed in parents of children who died after long fights with cancer.

(5)  BOULDER CREST RETREAT IS EXPANDING TO ARIZONA!  A second facility is in the works and staff is needed.  Exciting news!


Mike & Mike & Montana Man: Impersonating a Gunner… TBI & Robert Duval

Gunner & Montana Man
Afghanistan 2010

Mac, Afghanistan 2010

The Boys are joined by Montana Man {Rob Schwarz, LtCol USMC (ret)} as they discuss people who have crossed paths with the Gunner while they were impersonating the rank of “Gunner” — TBI injuries — and Robert Duval movies.


LIVING WITH A TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY: Pat Horan, CPT US Army (ret), & Patty Horan —- Part 3: Living Today, Finding Purpose in Life

CPT Pat Horan, US Army
Patty Horan

Patty & Pat Horan

Pat Horan, CPT US Army (ret), and his wife Patty Horan joined the program to discuss what it is to live with a traumatic brain injury.  In a candid interview we cover:

Part 1:  Pat’s career, how he was wounded and how Patty was notified.

Part 2:  Rehab, Patty talks the pressure of researching & choosing facilities for follow-on rehab

Part 3:  Living today, finding purpose in life and the frustrations of not being able to read and to write.

When asked about how his life is Pat responded “Every day I wake up and the first thing I do is thank God I’m still alive, that’s the greatest thing ever.  The second thing is Patty, everything she’s done  since I got hurt is just incredible, putting me back together was because of her.”  An incredible story.