North Korea is open to talks (yawn) || The USS Lexington is located || Gunner is a WW II aircraft carrier expert: Mike & Mike

(L) USS Lexington CV-2
(C) USS Liscome Bay CVE-56
(R) 2nd Marine Division emblem

The USS Lexington was located in the south Pacific by Microsoft’s Paul Allen, we’ll discuss the last day of the “Lady Lex.”   The USS Liscome Bay was lost in one of the worst US Naval incidents of the war, we’ll talk about that and the “Southern Cross” adorns the 2nd Marine Division emblem, we’ll discuss that and the Division motto “Follow Me.”

Leaks, Leakers and other Losers — and — “US Navy skippers saying ‘no’ to missions when they’re not ready for them. Huh?”

USS McCain

USS Fitzgerald

Can you imagine a situation where the things that were discussed in a “small group” meeting about significant issues was leaked on a regular basis to the media?  Where your comments were placed into the public record like they were meant for the public?  Bushido violations, but all in the realm of “regular order” for our national politicians.

We keep seeing two themes when we look at articles about “what’s wrong with the Navy’s surface fleet?”  (1)  Sleep deprivation — which we all know is bullshit; and (2) Skippers telling their commanding officers that they are “not mission capable” and pushing back on missions.  We’ll explore item #2 with LtCol Rob Schwarz, USMC (ret) — aka “Montana Man” — who was the Executive Officer of Regimental Combat Team-1 (2010-2011) in Afghanistan that had as many as five different battalions operating underneath its umbrella.  Is a higher headquarters ignorant of the training and logistical readiness of its subordinate units?  Hmmmmmmm.

Will the U.S. Navy be able to convict the commanding officers of the USS McCain and the USS Fitzgerald of “negligent homicide”? LtCol Beth Harvey, USMC (ret)

Cmdr. Bryce Benson, left, formerly the commanding officer of the USS Fitzgerald and Cmdr. Alfredo J. Sanchez, formerly the commanding officer of the USS John S. McCain (Navy)

Beth Harvey, LtCol USMC (ret)
Staff Judge Advocate

Former Marine Staff Judge Advocate LtCol Beth Harvey, USMC (ret) joins the program to discuss the substantial burden of proof that rests with Navy prosecutors in proving guilt on a charge of “negligent homicide,” the role that the Article 32 hearing will play in the legal process and the decision to bring such a historically uncommon charge against a commanding officer of a U.S. warship.