Classes – Lectures – Warning – HAZING – Court Martials: How do we stop the cycle of hazing?

Phil Smith
Col USMC (ret)

Phil Smith is a retired Marine Colonel.  He enlisted in the Marine Corps and became an infantryman and then a reconnaissance Marine.  We’ll talk to him about stopping the cycle of hazing that the Marine Corps goes through repeatedly:  Class, Lecture, Warning, HAZING EVENT, investigation, court-martial.

Getting combat advising right in the long-term: Gil Barndollar & Sam Long

Gil Barndollar
Capt, USMC
Sam Long
Capt, USMC

Gil Barndollar & Sam Long were advisors in Afghanistan.  They wrote a Marine Corps Gazette article entitled “Putting the First Team on the Field: Irregular warfare and Marine Combat Advisors” — we’ll talk about the article with both authors.

Gunner talks local politics and Guntalk: Mike & Mac

Iraqi Mortarman

Are the issues involved in local politics different from the issues we talk about in national issues?  Gunner is involved in a local election and we’ll talk about that.

GunTalk also breaks out!  We talk the Springfield 1903, throwing mortar rounds in World War II and having them explode!  And, mortar rounds exploding in tubes as seen in videos shot by bad guys as they shot them in Iraq.

Secretary Mattis & Chairman Dunford addressed the Association of the U.S. Army last week — you should listen

James Mattis
Secretary of Defense

The Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff both spoke at the Association of the U.S. Army last week at their annual convention in Washington D.C.

You’ll hear both speeches in their entirety.

Raqqa Falls, John Allen to head the Brookings Institute & a “hazing” court-martial ends in an innocent verdict in I MEF

John R. Allen
General USMC (Ret)
Brookings Institute

We’ll talk about the news of the day:

(1) The ISIS Capital of Raqqa falls to US supported Syrian and Kurdish forces?  What’s next, do we know?  We suck at Phase 4 (post-combat operations – converting what we’d fought for into political reality), Iraq and eastern Syria are there again.

(2) John R. Allen, General USMC (ret), will head The Brookings Institute, we’ll talk about it.

(3) A Marine was recently found “not guilty” in a hazing court martial, we’ll talk about it.

Why go to the doctor and how to upgrade the quality and decrease the quantity of media you consume

The Gunner

Most of us hate going to the doctor when we have signs of being ill, Mike talks about how he got over that.

How we consume media in an age when it comes to us on cell phones 24 hours a day is becoming a problem, as more and more people are finding that life isn’t better with more news coming to them more ofter — we’ll talk about it.

John Kelly, General USMC (ret) and White House Chief of Staff holds his first Press Conference

John Kelly
White House Chief of Staff

John Kelly, General USMC (ret) and White House Chief of Staff held his first Press Conference since taking that position.  He performance got high marks from the media as an example of how a “leader” interacts with the media.  It is certainly worth a listen.


Kirkuk attacked by the Iraqi Army, Raqqa in final stages & Bowe Bergdahl pleads “guilty” to “desertion and misbehavior before the enemy”

We’ll talk about the news of the day:

  • The Iraqi Army moves on Kurdish controlled Kirkuk
  • Bowe Bergdahl, US Army, pleads guilty this morning to “desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.”
  • Operations in Raqqa are entering its final stages

Rats in the Twentynine Palms Commissary, “Phase 4” of Recruit Training goes holistic and a Post-Colonoscopy live interview: Mike, Mac & Montana Man

Holistic Recruit Training?
Rats? Really?

A ton of news going on today, we’ll focus rats forcing the Commissary at MCB Twentynine Palms to shut down, the changes to “Phase 4” of USMC Recruit Training where Drill Instructors where do more talking to recruits and shed the “knife edge” aura of the previous 11 weeks.

Montana Man joins us to update us on the colonoscopy that he completed this morning — another case of a “post-colonoscopy” euphoric high!