John Bolton simply states the obvious — DICTATORS CAN’T BE TRUSTED || YouTube TV is $40 a month and GREAT! || Alan Dershowitz & Independent Councils || Is hiring NFL “protesters” good for season ticket sales? || Next Battlefield Study: The Mayaguez Rescue on Koh Tang Island

John Bolten has called Iran for what it is… North Korea for what it is… China for what it is… and Russia for what it is… does seeing the world for what it is make him “dangerous” as the Washington Post described him today?

Given the delusional nature of the past administrations and ever mindful of the “Reset Button” clown act, isn’t it time for a straightforward approach to the dictatorships that menace our planet?  Isn’t it time for the free nations of the planet to invest in their military might (Germany & Japan included) as a sign to these dictators that they will never win?  Bolton is as necessary to our nation today as is our trade confrontation with China.

Mr Rogers a US Navy SEAL? Capt Kangaroo a combat Marine? PFC Lee Marvin? Uh… no and YES: Mike & Mike

(L) Mr. (Fred) Rogers
(R) Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan)

PFC Lee Marvin, USMC

There are many stories of celebrities and the military, most of them are false.

(1)  Fred Rogers never served in the US Military.

(2)  Bob Keeshan enlisted in the Marine Corps in July of 1945 and  served honorably, but did not fight in any of the notable battles that Marines participated in during the Pacific Campaign of World War II.

(3)  Lee Marvin enlisted in the Marine Corps on his 18th birthday in 1942 and was wounded while serving as a rifleman in 3rd Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment during the battle of Saipan.  He was medically discharged as a PFC a year later due to Sciatica Nerve damage.  He is buried at Arlington Cemetery.

THE CASE FOR A BETTER ENLISTED INFANTRY MARINE: A new enlisted career path to the 0365 MOS — Why the 15-Marine Rifle Squad is sound

The Infantry Squad Leader
U.S. Marine Corps photo

Major Chad Buckel, USMC has written a series of six articles for the Marine Corps Gazette that look at the infantry pipeline, the structure of the squad and battalions and how we fight combine arms fights.

In the second of three shows (the first is here), we’ll discuss the career path that creates a higher quality infantry Marine and why the Marine Rifle Squad should consist of fifteen Marines.