THE OLD CORPS TALKS… NCO Leadership: Sgt Jim Bathurst, USMC (ret)

Sgt Jim Bathurst (Vietnam)  —-  and later —-  Col Jim Bathurst, USMC

In this episode of “The Old Corps Talks” Col Jim “Sgt B” Bathurst, USMC (ret) joins us to talk NCO Leadership.  During his career Jim rose from the rank of Private to GySgt and then after he was commissioned, from 2ndLt to Colonel including a deployment to Vietnam where he served as a infantry squad leader and rifle platoon commander.

In this discussion Sgt B discusses the basics of NCO leadership as he learned and practiced it, how NCO Leadership fits in the scheme of a company on a daily basis from dawn til dusk, how it contributes to the functioning of the company as well as the certain link between leadership in garrison and leadership in combat.

“The SHOT Show” in Las Vegas — Marksmanship Instructors — living with “unnecessary combat deaths:” Mike & Mike

The USMC “Range Coach” and Drill Instructor talk marksmanship with a recruit

The Boys discuss the Las Vegas “SHOT Show” which is a gunner’s paradise, fiscal sanity in local government, a Khe Sahn Marine’s memories of hearing his Range Coach talking to him as he killed his first NVA soldier in combat and “unnecessary death” and how it hurts in a way that other combat deaths don’t.

“COMBAT CONCEPTS” video — Col Tony Zinni, USMC; MCB Quantico, 1989

Col Tony Zinni, USMC
The Basic School, 1989
Quantico VA

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THE SINGLE BEST professional military education experience I ever had happened in July of 1989 while teaching “Tactics” at The Basic School in Quantico, VA.  Col Tony Zinni, USMC (who had just finished being the CO of 9th Marine Regiment on Okinawa) gave his “Combat Concepts” pitch at an event that the Marine Corps University sponsored at The Basic School.

Major John Kelly (Head of the Infantry Officers Course at the time, destined to be a General Officer and currently the Secretary of the Dept of Homeland Security) told me I should attend… so I went.  I had never heard of Col Zinni at that point in my life.  That night Col Zinni was funny, insightful and had a ton of experiences in his career — he was for me a great example of what a professional warrior/scholar ought to be.

This PME changed my life and how I approached my profession.


Then and Now…

Ken Rodgers, former Marine and Khe Sanh veteran joins us to talk about the battle as well as his ongoing film efforts.

We also discuss things people say to veterans — “We Hire Veterans” and “Thank you for your service” — Ken isn’t a fan.

Ken also updates us on his next project, a documentary about the wives of combat veterans.


LIVING WITH A TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY: Pat Horan, CPT US Army (ret), & Patty Horan —- Part 3: Living Today, Finding Purpose in Life

CPT Pat Horan, US Army
Patty Horan
Patty & Pat Horan

Pat Horan, CPT US Army (ret), and his wife Patty Horan joined the program to discuss what it is to live with a traumatic brain injury.  In a candid interview we cover:

Part 1:  Pat’s career, how he was wounded and how Patty was notified.

Part 2:  Rehab, Patty talks the pressure of researching & choosing facilities for follow-on rehab

Part 3:  Living today, finding purpose in life and the frustrations of not being able to read and to write.

When asked about how his life is Pat responded “Every day I wake up and the first thing I do is thank God I’m still alive, that’s the greatest thing ever.  The second thing is Patty, everything she’s done  since I got hurt is just incredible, putting me back together was because of her.”  An incredible story.