Tuesday, May 30 2017 — Hour 2: DHS Secretary John Kelly on “This Week” – & – U.S. Army Captain Luis Avila sings at the 2017 National Memorial Day Concert

John F. Kelly
Dept of Homeland Security

00:00 Minutes:  Thoughts on Memorial Day continued.

00:10 Minutes:   DHS Secretary John Kelly talks “leaks,” the Manchester bombing and preventing terrorism in the United States.






Captain Luis Avila
U.S. Army

00:25 Minutes:   DON’T MISS THIS… audio from the 2017 National Memorial Day Concert in Washington D.C.; done by PBS.  Check out U.S. Army Captain Avila singing… it’s the best!

Jan 16 H2 – General Kelly DHS Confirmation Testimony Pt1 and 2

CONFIRMATION TESTIMONY OF JOHN KELLY, Gen USMC (ret), before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee from January 10, 2017. DON’T MISS THIS… great stuff. The audio is edited so you’ll hear General Kelly’s answers.