Col Wesley Fox, USMC in his own words —— MUST LISTEN!

Col Wesley Lee Fox
1931 – 2017

The Marine Corps lost a legend last week when Col Fox passed away.  He was interviewed for almost an hour by the “Veterans History Project” of the Library of Congress, you can watch the entire video here.  It’s an awesome interview that show the many sides of a great Marine leader.

Not one good news headline, Barney Barnum and the Gunner on “coming home”

Col Barney Barnum, USMC
Coming Home!

Not one bit of good news in the news today on the backside of Veteran’s Day, a sentencing at Camp Lejeune, Seals in the news for allegedly horrible crimes.

In hour two, by popular demand, you’ll hear an encore airing of Col Barney Barnum’s interview we did last week.  He’s a Medal of Honor recipient and a great example of a straight and true Marine.

Mike Musselman joins us to talk about “deployment homecomings” as the McNamara Family prepares of one.


Rusty Blackman
LtGen USMC (ret)
President & CEO
Marine Corps Heritage Foundation

Rusty Blackman joins us to talk leadership and what’s new and exciting at the National Museum of the Marine Corps.  Rusty walks us through the new Medal of Honor Theater, the expansion of the Museum that will be completed in 2018 as well as the visit of the President of South Korea on his first official trip to the United States to pay his respects to the Marine Corps who evacuated his family from the vicinity of the Chosin Reservior in during the Korean War.

LtGen Blackman also discuss how the NMMC has exceeded the expectations of those who envisioned it by becoming a sacred place for Marines to gather.  A GREAT DISCUSSION with the leader of the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation.

If you’re interested in supporting the great work of the Foundation, click here.