1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion Association is fundraising to build a memorial to their fallen — you can help: MGySgt Phil Bemis, USMC (ret)

MGySgt Phil Bemis, USMC (ret)

MGySgt Phillip S. Bemis, USMC (RET) is the Co-Chairman and Founder of the 1st LAR Battalion Association.  He joined Mac & Mike Musselman to talk about the work the Association is doing as they raise funds for a Memorial to those who have fallen while fighting under the Battle Colors.

Proposed 1st LAR Bn Memorial Monument
1st LAR Bn Association

You can find the 1st LAR Bn Association website here and if you’re interested in donating, you’ll find that link here.

SEA DRAGON 2025 — the Marine Corps prepares the Marine Rifle Squad for the future: Capt Joe Patterson, USMC

U.S. Marine Corps photo
Captain Joe Patterson, USMC
Commanding Officer, K/3/5
U.S. Marine Corps photo
U.S. Marine Corps photo

Marine Corps Captain Joe Patterson commanded Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment as they spearheaded the operational testing phase of the Marine Corps’ SEA DRAGON 2025 initiative, an initiative designed to evolve the Marine Rifle Squad, Platoon, Company and Battalion towards into force designed to excel on future battlefields.

We’ll talk about the technology that Marines experimented with during SEA DRAGON 2025, the different squad structures that were used and the impact of suppressed weapons on the small unit leaders’ ability to control a unit in contact with the enemy… and lots more.


THE OLD CORPS TALKS… NCO Leadership: Sgt Jim Bathurst, USMC (ret)

Sgt Jim Bathurst (Vietnam)  —-  and later —-  Col Jim Bathurst, USMC

In this episode of “The Old Corps Talks” Col Jim “Sgt B” Bathurst, USMC (ret) joins us to talk NCO Leadership.  During his career Jim rose from the rank of Private to GySgt and then after he was commissioned, from 2ndLt to Colonel including a deployment to Vietnam where he served as a infantry squad leader and rifle platoon commander.

In this discussion Sgt B discusses the basics of NCO leadership as he learned and practiced it, how NCO Leadership fits in the scheme of a company on a daily basis from dawn til dusk, how it contributes to the functioning of the company as well as the certain link between leadership in garrison and leadership in combat.