Kirkuk attacked by the Iraqi Army, Raqqa in final stages & Bowe Bergdahl pleads “guilty” to “desertion and misbehavior before the enemy”

We’ll talk about the news of the day:

  • The Iraqi Army moves on Kurdish controlled Kirkuk
  • Bowe Bergdahl, US Army, pleads guilty this morning to “desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.”
  • Operations in Raqqa are entering its final stages

Wes O’Donnell: The Real Reason the US Navy Keeps Hitting Merchant Vessels

One of the best interviews I’ve read as I’ve kept track of the U.S. Navy’s collision issues appeared recently on the and was entitled “The Real Reason the US Navy Keeps Hitting Merchant Vessels” — Wes O’Donnell conducted the interview joined us to discuss it.

USS Shiloh command climate survey released on a FOIA, Mattis tells the US Army to “be prepared” and General Officers are going to be heard more often!

James Mattis
Secretary of Defense

We’ll check the news of the day, which isn’t all good, but there are lots of interesting headlines.

— A horrible USS Shiloh(7th Fleet) command climate survey was released after a Military Times Freedom of Information Act Request.  The contents of the survey are brutal.

— SECDEF tells the U.S. Army to be ready for whatever happens on the Korean Peninsula.

— SECDEF tell his Flag Officers to make themselves available to the media.

— Preparations are underway for the final operations inside Raqqah, Syria.

SENATE ARMED SERVICE COMMITTEE HEARING: Special Operations Command — GEN Raymond Thomas, USA & Theresa Whelen, Asst Secretary of Defense

GEN Raymond Thomas, USA
Commander, US Special Forces Command
Theresa Whelen
Asst Secretary of Defense

Army Gen. Raymond Thomas, commander of U.S. Special Operations Command, and Theresa Whelan, performing the duties of assistant defense secretary for special operations/low-intensity conflict, testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee, May 4, 2017.  PART 1