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DISCHARGE UPGRADE:  Application for the Review of Discharge from the Armed Forces of the United State (DD-0293)

DISCHARGE UPGRADE:  Applying for a Discharge Upgrade at Real Warriors

DISCHARGE UPGRADE:  DOD guidance for veterans seeking upgrades and corrections to discharges and military records

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Professional Resume Writer:  MGySgt Linda Fields, USMC (ret)

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BOB NILSSON: 100 Entrepreneurs Project & Growing Veteran Entrepreneurs

Bob Nilsson left the Marine Corps in 1970 as a post-Vietnam Captain, began a career in construction at Turner Construction and has been helping veterans get started in the construction field ever since.  He's now broadened his scope to creating veteran entrepreneurs...

TRANSITIONS: Colby Williamson

From our vault a GREAT interview with COLBY WILLIAMSON, former Sgt USMC, currently a Manager of Amazon's Military Recruiting... who talks about "transitioning" as a longer proposition than shorter... and what you should focus on as you transition and interview for a...