Classes – Lectures – Warning – HAZING – Court Martials: How do we stop the cycle of hazing?

Phil Smith
Col USMC (ret)

Phil Smith is a retired Marine Colonel.  He enlisted in the Marine Corps and became an infantryman and then a reconnaissance Marine.  We’ll talk to him about stopping the cycle of hazing that the Marine Corps goes through repeatedly:  Class, Lecture, Warning, HAZING EVENT, investigation, court-martial.

Getting combat advising right in the long-term: Gil Barndollar & Sam Long

Gil Barndollar
Capt, USMC

Sam Long
Capt, USMC

Gil Barndollar & Sam Long were advisors in Afghanistan.  They wrote a Marine Corps Gazette article entitled “Putting the First Team on the Field: Irregular warfare and Marine Combat Advisors” — we’ll talk about the article with both authors.

Marinara sauce, chicken fried stead & this week’s Pastrami Swami sports picks!

Kim Holmes
AMR Head Chef
Sports Betting “Expert”

The ALL MARINE RADIO Head Chef joins us to give advice on how to make better marinara sauce and chicken fried steak!

We’ll also do some sports predicting with the”Swami,” who was 8 out of 11 last week!

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