“COMBAT CONCEPTS” video — Col Tony Zinni, USMC; MCB Quantico, 1989

Col Tony Zinni, USMC
The Basic School, 1989
Quantico VA

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THE SINGLE BEST professional military education experience I ever had happened in July of 1989 while teaching “Tactics” at The Basic School in Quantico, VA.  Col Tony Zinni, USMC (who had just finished being the CO of 9th Marine Regiment on Okinawa) gave his “Combat Concepts” pitch at an event that the Marine Corps University sponsored at The Basic School.

Major John Kelly (Head of the Infantry Officers Course at the time, destined to be a General Officer and currently the Secretary of the Dept of Homeland Security) told me I should attend… so I went.  I had never heard of Col Zinni at that point in my life.  That night Col Zinni was funny, insightful and had a ton of experiences in his career — he was for me a great example of what a professional warrior/scholar ought to be.

This PME changed my life and how I approached my profession.

Will the U.S. Navy be able to convict the commanding officers of the USS McCain and the USS Fitzgerald of “negligent homicide”? LtCol Beth Harvey, USMC (ret)

Cmdr. Bryce Benson, left, formerly the commanding officer of the USS Fitzgerald and Cmdr. Alfredo J. Sanchez, formerly the commanding officer of the USS John S. McCain (Navy)

Beth Harvey, LtCol USMC (ret)
Staff Judge Advocate

Former Marine Staff Judge Advocate LtCol Beth Harvey, USMC (ret) joins the program to discuss the substantial burden of proof that rests with Navy prosecutors in proving guilt on a charge of “negligent homicide,” the role that the Article 32 hearing will play in the legal process and the decision to bring such a historically uncommon charge against a commanding officer of a U.S. warship.