Yeah the VA has problems, but they have good people pushing to get to you: Ben Kaler & Tim Hudak

Ben Kaler

Most of what we read on the front pages of news websites and in our news papers about the US Veterans Administration is not good.  But good things are happening there as President Trumps keeps veteran healthcare and support at the top of his administration’s agenda.  We’ll talk to two Marine veterans who are VA employees and who are pushing from their end to get to veterans who need help:  Ben Kaler served as an infantry officer in 2/4 and Tim Hudak was an enlisted intelligence specialist for HMH-363.

Tim Hudek

During the course of this interview you hear the following websites and phone numbers referred to:

Tim Hodak, Veterans Experience Office, Communications Chief:

Ben Kaler, Veterans Experience Office, Community Engagement Division, Field Consultant – New England:

Veterans Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255

White House Hotline for Veterans:  855-948-2311  (White House VA Hotline serving as an outlet when all other options are exhausted)

Health Care: 1-877-222-8387


MyVA311 (directory assistance and other questions):  1-844-698-2311

The VA Welcome Kit — “Where should I start?” It’s a great resource with very simple steps of how to enroll and find points of contact:

Get your VA ID card in the mail!

How to Apply for a Discharge Upgrade:

Vet Centers:

VA Employment:

Veterans Experience Office:

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Mike McDowell
Executive Director
The Soldiers Project

Mike McDowell, LtCol USMC (ret), is the Executive Director The Soldiers Project whose mission is:

“We provide free, confidential and unlimited mental health services to any active duty service member or veteran who has served since September 11, 2001.
We provide services to families and loved ones too – wives, husbands, partners, parents and children.
We don’t turn anyone away based on discharge status, branch of service, or whether they saw combat.
If you served, you get seen.” 

It’s ground breaking stuff and sorely needed… we’ll find out what’s going on at The Soldiers Project.

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