Jared Wymer (PhD on the GI Bill — Here’s How)

JARED WYMER, SSgt USMC, joins us to talk LEVERAGING THE GI BILL. The former Marine has leveraged pretty much every available resource to go from zero degree to MBA in 3 years and is one year from becoming a PhD… while working full time for Amazon

Things I’d Like My Son to Know Before He Goes to War: Handling Death

Will Costantini
Col USMC (ret)

Will Costantini’s Interview as part of the “Things I’d Like My Sons to Know Before they Go To War” series that Mac has produced.

Will discusses handling death in a manner that is respectful and also contributes to the unit’s ability to continue fighting.

LtCol Kevin Murray (Marine Aviation Readiness – Solving the Problem)

LTCOL KEVIN “ASTRO” MURRAY, USMC, joins us to discuss his article that appears in the December edition of the Marine Corps Gazette entitled: Marine Aviation Readiness: Solving the Problem. The 2nd Place Award in the MajGen Chase writing contest.