A PROGRAM RECOMMENDATION: The Road to 9/11 (The History Channel)

Mike Musselman told me a while ago that I should watch “The Road to 9/11” which was running on The History Channel.

“If you think you hate Don Rumfeld now, wait til you see this show” Mike told me on the air about a month ago.  Here are a few audio cuts and some commentary about them.  Mike was right, I needed to watch the program which features prominent member of the Bush and Clinton Administrations and members of the CIA and FBI.

Highly credible, highly sourced and riveting.

Margarine or Butter? How do I stop the three-alarm fire in my grill?

The ALL MARINE RADIO Head Chef, Kim Holmes joined us to talk FOOD on Friday (as well as the PBS Series on Vietnam).  Kim addresses whether there is there any reason to use margarine instead of butter in cooking? Kim also addresses how to “put out three-alarm fire” that rages in your grill when you cook fatty dishes like chicken with the skin on and ribeye steaks.

America’s “GREATEST GENERATION” Fought in Vietnam

Marines in Vietnam

The Gunner briefly gives his thoughts on the “protest” controversy in the NFL (he’s not watching any more) and then the Boys discuss their thoughts on watching the Ken Burns series that is airing on PBS entitled “The Vietnam War.”

There are things from the series that have made an incredible impression on them: (1) the lies that Cabinet Secretaries told, (2) the nobility of those who believed and fought, (3) a flaming B-52 falling from the sky at night, (4) POW reunions with their families, (5) Jane Fonda making broadcasts about American POW’s and called their execution justifiable, (6) the lies of three Presidents and (7) Richard Nixon’s criminality.

Mike Musselman and Mike McNamara agree on one thing, the American’s who fought in Vietnam, who came home to be treated terribly, who became our teachers and coaches ARE “THE GREATEST AMERICAN GENERATION” — no other group has been asked to give as much as they given.

Don’t pin your hopes on the new Chinese sanctions on North Korea: Grant Newsham

Kim Jong Un

Xi Jinping
President, PRC

Grand Newsham, our resident Pacific Rim specialist, joined us to talk about whether we should take China’s “new sanctions” seriously or whether it is the age old trick of the Chinese — big announcement and then nothing delivered?

We’ll also discuss the likelihood that Japan and/or South Korea will acquire a “first strike” capability as well as “mutually assured destruction” capabilities in order to balance the regional scale.

You can find Grant Newshams columns here, in Asia Times Online.

Thoughts on PBS’s Vietnam War Series & a Rand Study on Transgender Military Service Issues

For me, one of the most distressing things about watching the 10 part PBS series is that the nation repeated the mistakes of Vietnam in Iraq and later (although not initially) in Afghanistan.

We’ll also discuss a 2016 Rand Corporation study on Transgender Military service.

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