Patrick Downes

Patrick Downes became an amputee while standing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon with his wife  in 2013 when IED detonated and killed four spectators.  He recently wrote an article in the The Boston Globe criticizing the Boston Marathon and the Boston Athletic Association for their lack of inclusion of disabled competitors in the race.

Downes joins us today to discuss his experience on that day in 2013, his road to recovery that introduced him to scores of amputees at Walter Reed and his struggle to have “Patriots Ride on Patriots Day.”

This story is an amazing look at how athletes with disabilities are still treated as second class citizens in legendary high-visibility competitions.  His personal story is also one of incredible discovery about the world of the American Military as he and his wife did rehab at Walter Reed and came to know the most selfless, courageous and inspirational fighters on the planet.

Mike & Mike & Montana Man: Impersonating a Gunner… TBI & Robert Duval

Gunner & Montana Man
Afghanistan 2010

Mac, Afghanistan 2010

The Boys are joined by Montana Man {Rob Schwarz, LtCol USMC (ret)} as they discuss people who have crossed paths with the Gunner while they were impersonating the rank of “Gunner” — TBI injuries — and Robert Duval movies.



Alex Hollings
Former Sgt, USMC
SOFREP Contributing Editor

Alex Hollings, former Sgt USMC and currently a contributing editor at SOFREP joins us to discuss his career in the Marine Corps and his path to becoming a writer at SOFREP.

We also engage Alex in a liberal arts discussion about where he goes to to find quality reporting in today’s “click driven” world of journalism and the role that media businesses like SOFREP and ALL MARINE RADIO play in our current media landscape!   GREAT STUFF!


LIVING WITH A TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY: Pat Horan, CPT US Army (ret), & Patty Horan —- Part 3: Living Today, Finding Purpose in Life

CPT Pat Horan, US Army
Patty Horan

Patty & Pat Horan

Pat Horan, CPT US Army (ret), and his wife Patty Horan joined the program to discuss what it is to live with a traumatic brain injury.  In a candid interview we cover:

Part 1:  Pat’s career, how he was wounded and how Patty was notified.

Part 2:  Rehab, Patty talks the pressure of researching & choosing facilities for follow-on rehab

Part 3:  Living today, finding purpose in life and the frustrations of not being able to read and to write.

When asked about how his life is Pat responded “Every day I wake up and the first thing I do is thank God I’m still alive, that’s the greatest thing ever.  The second thing is Patty, everything she’s done  since I got hurt is just incredible, putting me back together was because of her.”  An incredible story.

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