SEA DRAGON 2025 — the Marine Corps prepares the Marine Rifle Squad for the future: Capt Joe Patterson, USMC

U.S. Marine Corps photo

Captain Joe Patterson, USMC
Commanding Officer, K/3/5

U.S. Marine Corps photo

U.S. Marine Corps photo

Marine Corps Captain Joe Patterson commanded Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment as they spearheaded the operational testing phase of the Marine Corps’ SEA DRAGON 2025 initiative, an initiative designed to evolve the Marine Rifle Squad, Platoon, Company and Battalion towards into force designed to excel on future battlefields.

We’ll talk about the technology that Marines experimented with during SEA DRAGON 2025, the different squad structures that were used and the impact of suppressed weapons on the small unit leaders’ ability to control a unit in contact with the enemy… and lots more.


THE CASE FOR A BETTER ENLISTED INFANTRY MARINE: train them for a year before they report to operational units

USMC Lance Cpl Antonio Marin, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, India Company, moves to the side a hill to deploy an unmanned Dragonrider drone in a hostile mountain town in Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center 29 Palms, Calif. Oct 23, 2016. (United States Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl Samuel Brusseau.)

Major Chad Buckel, USMC has written a series of six articles for the Marine Corps Gazette that look at the infantry pipeline, the structure of the squad and battalions and how we fight combine arms fights.

In this show we a look at the first article in the series entitled “Infantry Entry-Level Training” which details Major Buckel’s argument for revamping and extending entry level training for Infantry Marines to almost a year.

COL DUFFY WHITE, USMC (RET):  leading 1st LAR Battalion during “the March Up” & RCT-3 in Afghanistan

COL DUFFY WHITE, USMC (RET): leading 1st LAR Battalion during “the March Up” & RCT-3 in Afghanistan

Col Duffy White, USMC command in both Iraq (1st LAR during the “March up”) and Afghanistan (RCT-3 in Helmand).  He joined ALL MARINE RADIO to discuss his leadership experiences in both theaters with an emphasis on what wins in combat.

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