Casualty notification concerns & the story behind Medal of Honor recipient Cpl Kyle Carpenter living: Mike & Mac

Kyle Carpenter (right) with fellow Fox Company Marine Jake Belote at Patrol Base Dakota the day before Carpenter was wounded.
Courtesy of Kyle Carpenter
Kyle Carpenter and fellow Marine Brandon Stiles compare tattoos. Carpenter got his—Psalms 144:1—just before deploying to Afghanistan. “It talks about how the Lord trains your hands for battle and your fingers for war. A buddy mentioned it to me, and I started thinking, ‘There’s an OK chance we’re not coming back… I’m going to need my faith over there.’ And I loved the Bible verse.”
Courtesy of Kyle Carpenter


Happy 242nd Birthday Marines & enjoy the party: Mike & Mike

The Boys will talk about their favorite Marine Corps Birthday experiences both inside the United States and while deployed and also, the special enjoyment there is in bringing someone who has never attended to a Ball to see the celebration of heritage that the Marine Corps does like nobody else.