1LT William Calley
U.S. Army

This hour you’ll hear many of the same voices you’ve heard in parts 1 and 2… but 20 years later.  You’ll hear the anguish of living with the action they took and did not take that day.  The audio is absolutely gut wrenching.

Listening to this will leave your jaw on the floor and your brain wondering why as a leader I was never taken through the details of these events.

All the reasons you need to “Keep Your Honor Clean” are embedded in these segments… as well as the reality of “what we do in life, echos in eternity” — Darius Maximux (from the movie “Gladiator) — which is a catchy phrase that teases the reality of post-combat related mental health… you’re NOT getting over it… you’ll live with it… both the good and the bad.