Our Battlefield Study looks at what happens when the battlefield comes home?  Survivor guilt, the feeling of responsibility for subordinate Marines that were killed in action that leaders feel as time goes by and they have time to consider the fateful events that occur in combat.  Sgt Jeremiah Workman brought all of that home.  In June of 2016 Jeremiah joined ALL MARINE RADIO to do what has become one of our most listened to interviews — his account of his struggle with his feelings of failure as a leader.  Jeremiah recounts his un-diagnosed and untreated PTS, his alcohol abuse, his suicidal thoughts and actions, his thoughts that his career was over after being relieved as a Drill Instructor at Parris Island and the burden and unworthy feelings he felt after being awarded the Navy Cross for the very combat action that he felt made him a failure.

Jeremiah Workman is a fighter.  It has been our privilege at ALL MARINE RADIO to have him on the program and to help him spread his story of overcoming post-combat mental health obstacles in order to live a better life.