Jerry Durrant was a radio operator in Vietnam and after a long distinguished career he retired as a Colonel of Marines.  He first set foot in Iraq in 2004 on a three week Temporary Additional Duty Assignment at the request of the Division Chief-of-Staff Col Joe Dunford.  That three week TAD assignment turned into almost a year as Col Durrant proved to be particularly adept at working through issues relative to developing the Iraqi Security Forces.  He continues working in Iraq today as an advisor to their military in the area of professional military education and language schools.  Jerry joined ALL MARINE RADIO to talk about the future of Iraq:

  1. Can Iraq survive as a single, un-partitioned nation?
  2. What will be Iran’s role in a post-ISIS Iraq?
  3. If only the western democracies have the funding to rebuild Iraq, how will that happen if Iran is playing a leading role in the government?
  4. How can there be peace in Iraq and reconstruction of the destroyed parts of the nation without Sunni inclusion and a political reconciliation between those two factions?