Anthony Drees was an unwanted baby, in foster care as a youth and then adopted by the Drees Family of Grand Forks ND.  Anthony completed high school, worked on the family farm and enrolled in the University of North Dakota until it appeared that the United States was headed for war in Kuwait, which brought about his enlistment in the US Army.  After completing basis training and training to become a truck driver, Anthony was on the soldiers involved in the deadlies SCUD missile attack of the war in which 27 soldiers were killed and 95 wounded.  Anthony was among the lucky to survive with shrapnel in his lower body.

Two decades later, after obtaining a masters degree and becoming a successful sales manager, Anthony faced cancer and the amputation of his right leg. He joined ALL MARINE RADIO to discuss his life and the philosophy he’s developed to continue to live the life he chooses despite the cards he’s been dealt.