Two years ago ALL MARINE RADIO did an interview with SSgt Jeremiah Workman, USMC (ret).  While looking for audio cuts or our “Post Traumatic Winning” program we ran across an edited version of the 2.5 hour interview — it is 37 minutes long.  What you’ll hear is a gut wrenching story of leadership, trauma, guilt, turmoil and redemption.  SSgt Workman is an example for all people who battle with trauma, he is flawed, yet he emerges on the far side with his family in tact and his life pointed in the right direction.

The 37 minutes that comprise this interview is full life, turmoil, suffering and growth.  ALL MARINE RADIO is extremely proud to consider Jeremiah a friend of the program and continues to marvel at his willingness to discuss these difficult episodes in his life for the benefit with others.