It’s always a great day when a friend, Battle Buddy and outstanding Marine gets promoted… so today’s a great day!  LtCol Chris Bronzi, USMC will become a Colonel!  Great stuff!

I received a new map of Iwo Jima… one map GEEKS and Iwo Jima GEEKS would LOVE IT!  We’ll talk about it.

NEWS ITEM:  Senator Diane Feinstein deliberately orchestrated the fiasco that the nation just witnessed inside the hearing room of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The deliberate decision to drag a witness through the street for political gain is disgraceful.  Diane should resign her seat and go live the rest of her life in peace, for she is a clown.  Had she submitted the letter she received to Senate Judiciary Committee Investigators it could have been vetted and would have been revealed for what it was – – an unverifiable allegation.  But in order to do that… you would need to be IN SEARCH OF THE TRUTH and not merely interested in destroying a nominee.  PATHETIC.