Grant Newsham is a senior research fellow at the Japan Forum for Strategic Studies and a retired United States Marine Intelligence Officer. He was the first US Marine liaison officer to the Japan Ground Self Defense force and was instrumental in promoting the JSDF’s initial moves towards an amphibious capability. He joined ALL MARINE RADIO today to discuss the “odd” case of Carlos Ghosn, the now indicted CEO of Nissan which he documented in an article he recently wrote entitled:  Carlos Chosn:  A criminal or just a foreigner?

There is very important economic fight going on between the United States & China which is aimed at the Chinese State’s “center of gravity” — their trade imbalance which creates the hard currency surplus which finances their work around the globe — what is the desired endstate for the United States?  Fair Trade?  Intellectual Property rights preserved?  We’ll talk about it.

And finally, Russia continues to destabilize the Ukraine, we’ll get Grant’s opinion on the Russian capture of Ukrainian vessels and sailor in the Sea of Azov and where this is all headed.