SgtMaj Joe Houle, USMC (ret) grew up in small town in New York state, the son of a World War II Army Air Corps veteran.  A three times wounded Vietnam veteran SgtMaj Houle left the Marine Corps in 1970 and then returned to active duty as a PFC in 1974!  He retired in 2000 and is now working with the Marine Corps League as the “Expo Gunny” for their Modern Day Marine Expo, Marine West Expo & the Marine South Expo.

Joe is now part the effort to build the “Carolina Museum of the Marine” which will break ground in 2020 and be a memorial to all the great things that Marines have done in the Carolinas and will also serve as a research center and meeting place. You can information to donate to that great cause by clicking HERE.

A great interview with a great leader of Marines.