LtCol Scott Cuomo, Capt Olivia Garard, Maj Jeff Cummings & LtCol Noah Spataro co-authored “Not Yet Openly at War, But Still Mostly at Peace — Exploit the opportunity to become the 21st century force — that our Nation needs” in the February 2019 edition of the Marine Corps Gazette.  The article is written with the specter of General John A. Lejeune and Major Pete Ellis looming over the Marine Corps current stated mission and the lack of amphibious shipping possessed by the US Navy to execute that mission.  So what now?

For the first time in years, after reading this article, I believe that the future of the Marine Corps is bright.  We’ll talk to LtCol Cuomo about all of that in Part 2 of a two-part interview.

ARTICLE:  “Small Unmanned Aerial Systems and Tactical Air Control

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