1st Marine Raider Battalion suffered a training death this past weekend when one of their MZRZ vehicles has a “single vehicle” event that killed one Marine and wounded two others at Camp Pendleton. We’ll talk about it.

Military justice in back in our spotlight as a Marine Reserve Major was sentenced to 18 months in the brig and fined for “fraternization” and “conduct unbecoming of an officer” for sexting enlisted Marines.  We’ll talk about that too.

Standing in stark contrast with that efficient application of military justice is the U.S. Navy’s handling of the USS Fitzgerald investigations and ensuing court martials.  The non-profit investigative journalism webstie ProPublica recently published and article that outlines the incredible stupidity that senior flag officers conducted themselves with in an extensive article about the case. The link to the ProPublica article about how the Navy screwed the handling of the USS Fitzgerald court martials is HERE.